Daily Rhythm

It is important to establish consistent routines and structure as frameworks within which young children can feel free and powerful yet secure. It is also essential to be flexible enough to meet every child’s needs on any given day. The schedule is not a fixed plan, but a basic rhythm which flows naturally each day, and is adjusted to meet the needs of any particular group of children.

Good morning. Children arrive, say goodbye to parents, greet their friends and choose a center to play in.

Morning Circle. We gather together for song, stories and movement- do some yoga and stretching, read a book, and play some group games.

Snack. A healthy wholesome snack made with organic ingredients is available during this time and children are encouraged to sit and eat together. When they are done, they are invited to draw and color until we transition to the Art Studio.


We go downstairs to the art studio for an art project based on our interests. We develop on-going themes over time which we explore in depth through art and science, books and dramatic play such as sea creatures, vehicles with wheels, France, seeds, ancient Egypt, dinosaurs…whatever seems to really spark the group at the time…


Outside Time. Children go to the park or on a walk in the neighborhood, or to the yard and garden. Be sure your  child always has appropriate clothes and ample changes as we will experience the world through all seasons and  hope to do so in comfort!

Clean up and Lunch


Rest time and quiet activities. I read stories, and then a few chapters from a chapter book. Children who do not sleep have a choice of quiet activities after a period of resting.


Afternoon snack is available followed by creative time including outside time, art activities, dramatic play, manipulatives, writing/drawing…we work in the garden, take care of our pets, and of course, clean up!


Children greet their parents and say goodbye to their friends, and parents check-in with the teacher.