HomeRivendell Preschool currently has a wonderful group of 3, and 4 yr olds. I am at capacity except for Fridays, but it’s not too early to visit and reserve space for the fall of 2018. If you happen to need just Fridays, let me know and we can arrange a visit. Still two spots available to start in the fall.

Rivendell Preschool is a registered family child-care center located in North Portland located just across the street from Peninsula Park. I offer a full-time program, Tuedays through Fridays, from 8:30 -5:30, to provide a dynamic learning experience for children of parents who want to be able to go to their jobs knowing that their little ones are thriving in a safe, nurturing, loving and natural environment. Every day, I post an entry summarizing the day’s activities: the books we read, the songs we sang, the art we created, the highlights of our outings (we love to go on field trips!), the antics of the cat…I include lots of pictures. Parents don’t have to guess and wonder about what their children are doing at school.
IMG_0447-11Rivendell welcomes children ages 3 to 5. It is designed to be a bridge between the cozy family and later school environment, where children gradually learn how they fit into larger groups, how to work and play together, make friends, and prepare for kindergarten or first grade.

Rivendell is an old house with hardwood floors. It has a big light living room where most of the action happens, an art studio in the basement, a garden in the back, and a wonderful park right across the street. Almost all of the toys are made from natural materials, the food is organic, and there is no TV.

Respect and Kindness are the two fundamental values I seek to model and encourage

regarding others.

Creativity and Integrity are the two fundamental values I seek to model and encourage regarding oneself.


Read more about Rivendell then contact me to schedule a visit.

Cara Austin

Tel: 503.928.2474

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